Lantronix unveils flagship medical device aggregator

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Lantronix has launched a next generation medical device aggregator said to enable simplified access and management of virtually any electrical medical device.

The EDS-MD has been developed specifically for the medical industry in a bid to ease the secure access and management of devices in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare environments. According to Lantronix, the EDS-MD network enables equipment such as patient monitoring systems, glucose analysers, ventilators and infusion pumps to deliver data to virtually any location, device or healthcare information system. A key feature is galvanic isolation on all ports, which Lantronix says provides the highest level of safety for connected equipment. The feature is designed to ensure any grounding failures or malfunctions are contained to that single port and don't affect other connected devices. "With the average hospital using hundreds of common medical devices, there is a significant need for the medical community to rapidly embrace device connectivity solutions," said Mak Manesh, vice president of product management at Lantronix. "Our new EDS-MD is the first flagship product designed in connection with medical customers, specifically for their niche market. EDS-MD is uniquely designed to solve the challenges faced by the medical industry today, which will ultimately result in improved patient care, reduced costs, and increased efficiency through real time access to data." Lantronix says it expects the global medical device, technology and equipment market to reach $348.6billion by 2016.