KIOXIA unvels Ver 3.1 UFS Embedded Flash Memory Devices

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KIOXIA has begun sampling its latest generation of 256 and 512 gigabyte (GB) Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Ver. 3.1 embedded flash memory devices.

Housed in 0.8 and 1.0mm-high packages, these products have been designed to improve performance by 30% for random read and 40% for random write – and both are thinner and faster than their predecessors. The KIOXIA UFS devices utilise the company’s most current, high-performance BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory and are being targeted at a variety of mobile applications.

The broad set of applications that use embedded flash memory continue to need higher performance and density, and UFS has become for many the solution of choice. From a total GB perspective, UFS now accounts for the majority of the demand relative to e-MMC.

According to Forward Insights, when combining overall UFS and e-MMC GB demand worldwide, almost 70% of the demand this year is for UFS, and this is expected to continue to grow.

“Our latest UFS devices further push the boundaries of performance with features such as Host Performance Booster, and are delivered in the thin package solutions demanded by leading-edge smartphones and other applications,” explained Scott Beekman, senior director of managed flash memory products for KIOXIA America.

Key advances include:

  • Performance increase of 30% for random read and 40% for random write.
  • Host Performance Booster (HPB) Ver. 2.0: Improves random read performance by utilizing the host side memory to store logical to physical translation tables. While HPB Ver. 1.0 only enables 4 kilobyte chunk size access, HPB Ver. 2.0 enables wider access - which can further boost random read performance.
  • Thinner 256GB package at just 0.8mm height.