Keysight unveils Smart Bench Essentials portfolio

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Keysight has launched a portfolio of lab bench products that deliver the capabilities of four compact instruments and are intended for small manufacturing businesses and modern university teaching laboratories.

The Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) lab bench products comprise of a triple-output power supply, an arbitrary function generator, a digital multimeter and an oscilloscope, all accessed through one powerful graphical interface offering integrated data management and analysis capabilities.

General test labs need test instruments that are connected to each other, the lab and to the cloud so as to accelerate insights, whether in learning, teaching or troubleshooting.

Keysight's SBE lab bench products have been developed for the design and test of products in manufacturing and R&D, and offer a compact and stackable design that is suitable for small manufacturing businesses.

Keysight's SBE lab bench products are also intended for modern university teaching labs. Remote learning technology has been accelerated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic and most universities have struggled to adapt to this new environment, seeking a blended learning experience with the right technologies.

Keysight's PathWave BenchVue application software complements the SBE series enabling customers to configure instruments quickly, while operating on the same PC screen to test device under test. It stores data on a PC and exports it in standard readable formats for post-analysis work and report generation.

Keysight's SBE series also offer the optional PathWave Remote Access Lab software and the PathWave Lab Manager software to enhance the lab experience and productivity. The PathWave Remote Access Lab software enables university teaching labs to more easily transition to online learning and allows students to remotely access the lab setup and perform lab work through the web browser. The PathWave Lab Manager software is able to work with the Smart Bench Essential series instruments to manage lab assets effectively and productively.

"All four instruments have a consistent look and feel, the same graphical user interface and connectivity," said Christopher Cain, vice president of Electronic Industrial Products at Keysight Technologies. "The setup of four test instruments connected through the powerful PathWave application software allows engineers to focus on their insights and innovation, not managing their test instruments."

Keysight's SBE series is a combination of hardware and software that looks to accelerate the teaching experience, as well as improves an electronic design and manufacturing engineers' ability to analyze and troubleshoot products.