Keysight announces testing support for Autotalks’ vehicle chipsets

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Keysight Technologies’ PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing Developer Version now supports automated RF calibration and verification testing for Autotalks’ cellular vehicle-to-everything (LTE V2X) and dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) chipsets.

The chipsets tend to be used in telematics control units (TCU), which are embedded onboard systems that control wireless tracking, diagnostics, and communication to and from a connected vehicle.

As automotive manufacturers move toward electric and connected vehicles, they are equipping their vehicles with multiple wireless systems. However, with these complex new systems, design engineers and manufacturing test engineers face increased testing complexity and more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming test and validation procedures.

This is especially true of TCUs, which play an important role in vehicle safety and control and must interface with dozens of network technologies and communications protocols.

By providing off-the-shelf support for Autotalks chipsets, Keysight is giving TCU manufacturers a tool that can automate complex calibration and verification testing to accelerate time to market.

This software-based solution offers the following benefits:

Supports industry-leading chipsets – Autotalks is leading player in the safety connectivity ecosystem, providing 5G V2X, LTE V2X, and DSRC communication chipsets to automotive manufacturers around the globe.

Speeds up complex testing scenarios – Automated control of Autotalks’ chipset and Keysight test instruments enables manufacturers to use the solution as a standard test solution for their production line.

Reduces deployment time and costs – Off-the-shelf solution does not require manufacturers to develop or maintain costly custom testing software or have deep wireless / radio frequency expertise for its development and use.

Built on proven Keysight technology – Testing software runs on the Keysight E6640A Wireless Test Set and is automated by the KS8328A PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing Developer Version.

According to Amos Freund, Vice President of Research & Development, Autotalks, "Our mutual customers CAN NOW access a turnkey calibration and verification solution, instead of going through the costly internal development process. Keysight implemented and automated Autotalks' calibration guidelines and optimised it for performance utilising Keysight's equipment capabilities."

"The solution abstracts the complexity of RF calibration and verification of chipsets into a simple and easy-to-use test sequence,” said Thomas Goetzl, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight's Automotive and Energy Solutions. “With a software-centric approach, we enable our customers to focus on their priorities of high production throughput and high-quality products."