JSR and imec partner to address EUV lithography materials development

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Japanese photoresist specialist JSR is entering a partnership with Belgian research centre imec in a move intended to develop EUV lithography materials.

As part of the deal, JSR will provide manufacturing technology, as well as an upgrade to the manufacturing and analytical equipment at its Belgian subsidiary. Imec, meanwhile, will provide expertise and services quality control on materials.

"JSR has been a strategic partner of imec for a long time and I am excited with this intensified collaboration," said imec's president and CEO Luc Van den hove, pictured. "The partnership enabled through close proximity between the JSR manufacturing facility and the imec technology platform will allow our partners to gain access to best in class materials for next generation technologies."

"We know that EUV lithography is required to realise Moore's Law in semiconductor manufacturing technologies and we continuously focus our R&D efforts to meet industry needs," said Nobu Koshiba, president of JSR. "The industry is requesting material suppliers to prepare manufacturing infrastructure and quality control capabilities for defect free lithography solutions, as well as to improve photoresist performance to match EUV exposure equipment.

"JSR has successfully developed chemically amplified photoresists, as well as newly designed chemistries with very high sensitivity and good productivity. Our strength has also extended to peripheral materials, such as multilayer materials."