Intento Design announces the launch of ID-Calibre

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Intento Design, an EDA start-up founded in 2015, and which provides AI-based tools for analogue design acceleration, has announced the launch of ID-Calibre.

Following the launch of ID-Substrate, a reliability tool for early detection and prevention of all substrate parasitics, ID-Calibre is an AI-based calibration tool (full release before the end of 2020).

While ID-Substrate models a substrate of a complete chip as an active 3D physical model in just a few seconds, ID-Calibre is able to calibrate the extracted substrate model for any foundry design kit, melding AI/ML with semiconductor physics. This addition, according to the company, meets the industry need for fast and accurate early failure prediction, critical in automotive/aerospace, as well as power management, medical, and defence applications.

Ramy Iskander, CEO & founder of Intento Design, said that ID-Calibre opens new market opportunities, “ID-Calibre eliminates the need for empirical calibration or test structure fabrication, effectively bringing better market competitiveness and increased ROI to IDMs, fabless, and design houses.”

Iskander added, “Think of ID-Substrate/ID-Calibre as a behavioural TCAD simulation of a complete AMS chip 1000x faster than traditional TCAD finite element methods”.

The introduction of ID-Calibre will help to accelerate accurate prediction of all potential substrate failure areas detected by IDSubstrate, while also eliminating test structure fabrication and foundry measurement expenses.

All companies operating within the semiconductor ecosystem, from foundries to design houses, will be able to benefit from ID-Substrate/ID-Calibre to immunize their chips against substrate failures, helping to boost both ROI and shortening time-to-market.