Infineon adds medium voltage mosfets to CanPAK series

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Infineon Technologies has expanded its CanPAK product range of power mosfets to include new medium voltage devices.

Designed for industrial applications such as dc/dc converters, solar micro inverters, low voltage drives and synchronous rectification for servers, Infineon claims the 60 to 150V OptiMOS mosfets will enable system engineers to optimise designs for power density, efficiency and excellent thermal behaviour. According to the company, the CanPAK metal 'can' construction enables double sided cooling as well as almost no package parasitic inductances. In addition, the top side of the package features a low thermal resistance of 1.5K/W to allow efficient device cooling from still air convection in the power conversion systems of solar energy installations or fan assisted airflow. The devices feature low R DS(on), and Q g for low switching losses in fast switching applications such as solar micro inverters and Power Point Trackers in solar energy systems. They are also optimised for industrial applications such as synchronous rectification in Switched Mode Power Supplies.