Imint and MediaTek to bring advanced video enhancement technology to mobile devices

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iMINT Image Intelligence and MediaTek are working to advance the adoption of video enhancement technology in smartphones and other mobile devices by enabling the integration of Imint’s Vidhance software suite into new MediaTek’s chipsets.

Imint’s video enhancement technology is already being leveraged by over 250+-million smartphones worldwide, and is increasingly used in other camera-based products such as modular cameras, bodycams, and drones.

“This initiative marks a significant milestone for the growth of video enhancement technology and its accessibility to smartphone and mobile users across the globe,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Imint CEO.

This collaboration grants Imint access to MediaTek software packages and expert support, enabling better and quicker integration of the Imint Vidhance software suite on MediaTek chipsets.

Imint solutions immediately available on MediaTek’s chipsets include Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction (DMBR), which reduces the effect of motion-blur in stabilised video; Vidhance Super Stabilisation, which removes unwanted camera movement to produce video stabilisation on par with or exceeding dedicated action cams; Vidhance Field of View Correction (FOVC), which eliminates zoom artifacts that are present in videos with frequent lens shifting; and Vidhance Horizon Correction (HC), which auto-levels crooked horizons in videos.

Imint’s suite of video enhancement solutions allow users to capture professional-quality content from mobile devices.

According to Nathan Li, Senior Director of the Wireless Communications business unit at MediaTek, “With its Vidhance software, Imint enables our customers to bring to market cutting-edge smartphones with the latest video capabilities. We have successfully worked on a number of high-profile product launches with our joint smartphone customers and are excited to deepen our collaboration efforts.”

“Increasingly, mobile OEMs like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Infinix are turning to MediaTek as their chip partner,” concluded Lifvendahl. “Through this collaboration, we’re ensuring that more consumers than ever before have access to our advanced video enhancement technology through their smartphones and other mobile devices.”

Imint’s suite of Vidhance solutions has been used by a number of mobile manufacturers including: Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Vivo, and Huawei.