imec presents 17 R&D papers at IEDM

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R&D centre, imec, has presented a record 17 papers at the IEEE International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) in Washington. A total of 13 papers covered imec's core cmos R&D platform on ITRS scaling topics.

The centre also presented the first demonstration of a functional scaled resistive ram cell (rram). RRAM is growing in interest for future scaled memories because of its superior intrinsic scaling characteristics compared to charge based Flash devices – and potentially small cell size. imec demonstrated performance of a 10x10nm2 Hf/HfOx resistive stack element. Significant progress in advanced Flash engineering was demonstrated using alternative high-k materials and 3d architectures, along with four papers on reliability issues of power and cmos devices. A further four papers revealed the centre's research on 20 – 14nm next generation cmos. These concerned finFETs using conformal doping techniques combined with state of the art high-k/metal gate replacement. imec's research on advanced strain engineering to enhance channel transport (high mobility pFet channel) resulted in record implant free quantum well performance, while another demonstrated the co-integrating of group III-V and group IV materials for next generation devices. An Steegen, senior vice president, Process Technology at imec said: "imec is committed to continue to lead research as required by the ITRS, supporting the future growth of the global semiconductor ecosystem including IDMs, foundries, equipment and material suppliers. We are excited that we achieved these important results together with our global partners. We are also committed to expand our value in 'More than Moore' or heterogeneous integration technologies and processes which is proved today by four 'More than Moore' related imec papers at the IEDM 2011 meeting." These papers covered research into GaN power technology, Si high voltage devices and MEMS technology. One particular result was the realisation of AIN based piezoelectric MEMS vibration energy harvesting devices with high quality factors.