Imagination and Mobica to create virtualized automotive environment

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Imagination and Mobica are to create a demo that showcases how HyperLane technology virtualization can create optimised, safe and secure automotive visual compute solutions.

The partnership with provide automotive customers with a working example of Imagination’s HyperLane technology along with Mobica’s application and design expertise to enhance automotive display performance and safety.

The companies have announced that they are developing further demos and real-world content to be licensed by customers for a complete automotive hardware and software package.

Using a single PowerVR GX6650 GPU, Imagination and Mobica will look to showcase high-resolution rendering outputs across two large displays mimicking an automotive cabin scenario with a central cluster and IVI system.

With HyperLane technology and hardware virtualization, the operating system and other display systems can be compartmentalised. Up to eight virtual ‘containers’ can be supported, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to act independently of each other in a fully secure manner with no loss of performance.

The demo is able to show how in the event of a single application or operating system failing or needing to be taken offline, all other systems can continue to run unimpeded. This removal of cascading or total failure creates a safer and more secure environment thanks to each container having dedicated memory space.

Commenting Jamie Broome, Vice President of Product Management, Automotive, Imagination, said, “This partnership and demonstration show the importance of the GPU in modern and future vehicles and how taking an automotive-focused approach and employing features such as HyperLane, can create the safest and securest automotive compute environments, without compromising performance. Our collaboration with Mobica is a great showcase of what can be achieved when we work together across the automotive industry to deliver a full-service solution for our customers.”

Gary Butters, Chief Revenue Officer, Mobica, added, “The GPU is becoming a key component of an OEM’s digital cockpit strategy. Our partnership with Imagination enables us to showcase our deep GPU expertise to licensees of PowerVR, and how we can help to enable customisation and optimisation of its powerful performance for an in-vehicle experience.”