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HPMicro releases HPM6000 series of microcontrollers

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HPMicro Semiconductor, a manufacturer of high-performance embedded solutions, and Andes Technology, a supplier of 32/64-bit RISC-V embedded processors have released the HPM6000 series, a real-time RISC-V microcontroller.

The flagship product, HPM6750, adopts dual RISC-V AndesCore D45 cores, is equipped with innovative bus architecture, efficient level-1 caches and Local Memory, and is able to deliver over 9000 CoreMark and 4500 DMIPS, with a main frequency of up to 800 MHz. It has been developed to provide robust computing power for edge computing and other applications.

TheHPM6000 series, including dual-core HPM6750, single-core HPM6450, and entry-level HPM6120, are all equipped with double-precision floating-point operations and powerful DSP extension instructions, built-in 2 MB SRAM, rich multimedia functions, motor control modules, communication interface and security encryption. The series can be used widely in popular applications such as industry 4.0, smart home appliances, payment terminal, edge computing, and IoT.

The D45 is a member of the AndesCore 45 series of Andes Technology RISC-V family. It has in-order 8-stage dual-issue superscalar architecture with optimised load and store pipeline design and advanced branch prediction.

In addition, the D45 supports IEEE 754 single/double-precision floating-point unit (FPU) and RISC-V P-extension (DSP/SIMD) instruction. For instruction and data memory subsystem, all 45 series cores come with Local Memory as well as caches, which can greatly enhance the performance of SOCs with large memory such as the HPM6000 series. The D45 core is ideal for real-time applications that demand high performance and fast response time.

“HPMicro’s HPM6000 series are equipped with high-speed computing power and real-time control functions. They offer a more flexible and performance-efficient choice for the high-end MCU market.” Dr. Charlie Su, President and CTO of Andes Technology said, “With the D45 processor and the associated AndeSight IDE tools, customers can design software with better performance and streamlined programme codes.”

“AndesCore D45 is the only RISC-V processor IP that can meet the requirements of HPMicro ultra-speed real-time computing,” said Jintao Zeng, CEO of HPMicro Semiconductor. “HPMicro provides developers with comprehensive developing tools, including HPM Studio, a free IDE based on the VS CODE framework, and a configuration tools with graphics interfaces. HPMicro will also release a BSD-licensed SDK, which includes low-level drivers, middleware and RTOS. All official software will be open-sourced. Our next step is to cooperate with more RISC-V community partners to build a better RISC-V ecosystem.”