High temperature aviation power module

High temperature semiconductor specialist Cissoid has delivered the first prototypes of a three phase 1200V/100A intelligent power module to Thales Avionics Electrical Systems. The modules, which feature SiC MOSFETs, were developed with the support of Clean Sky Joint Undertaking with the aim of increasing power converter density to meet the needs of power generation and electromechanical actuators in More-Electrical Aircraft.

In the three phase modules, each of the six switch positions includes a 100A SiC MOSFET transistor and a 100A SiC Schottky freewheeling diode. These devices can block up to 1200V, which is said to provide enough headroom against overvoltage in a 540V aerospace DC bus. It can also be upgraded with 1700V/150A SiC devices.

Special care was given to thermal aspects during the design. All materials were selected to allow reliable operation at junction temperatures of up to 200°C, as well as case and storage temperatures of up to 150°C. The modules also feature an AlSiC baseplate, AlN substrates and silver sintering to offer high robustness against thermal and power cycling.