GSA and GCF sign 5G cooperation agreement

2 mins read

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) and the Global Certification Forum (GCF) have announced that they have signed a Cooperation Agreement covering information sharing and access to resources.

The partnership will see information on 4G and 5G mobile and IoT devices and their interoperability shared between GSA and GCF, with devices’ GCF certification status added to GSA’s GAMBoD database.

There has been rapid growth in the numbers and types of 5G devices being announced and launched. Figures from GSA show that 822 5G devices from 128 vendors have been announced, of which 511 are already commercially available. Over 140 device manufacturers across more than 20 countries are currently participating in GCF and the certification programmes are recognised by network operators with interests in global markets. A total of 715 device models from 75 manufacturers were certified by GCF in 2020.

“As more types of devices and services become connected, network operators and industrial users need assurance to connect these products to their networks and services,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO and General Manager, Global Certification Forum. “By bringing together the latest GCF information on device testing and certification with GSA’s data on device availability, the industry can now see the complete picture and make deployment decisions with confidence. We’re delighted to be working with GSA to combine our data to facilitate a better understanding of which devices have been certified.”

The GSA GAMBoD database is a search and analysis tool that contains the latest global data on 4G/5G spectrum, networks, devices and chipsets. The devices database can be searched by supplier, form factor, features, peak downlink and uplink speeds, and operating frequency band. The NTS (Networks, Technologies & Spectrum) database can be searched by technology, feature, UE category, downlink speed, spectrum bands used and can be segmented by region. Now, following this cooperation agreement between GSA and GCF, GAMBoD data will be complemented with the addition of searchable GCF information on the interoperability testing and certification of mobile and IoT products.

“The success of the mobile industry has been built on the foundations of innovation, collaboration and interoperability,” explained Joe Barrett, President, Global mobile Suppiers Association. “But for this to happen, the industry needs a single source of information on the 3GPP technology roadmap; only then can the industry work together to promote the commercial success of 4G and 5G. We know from the growing number of GSA members and associates who rely on GAMBoD for access to the latest global status of new network, service and device launches that trusted information on interoperability is an important piece of their decision making. We know the GSA community will find the addition of GCF interoperability certification into GAMBoD invaluable.”