GNSS starter-kit provides centimetre precision positioning

1 min read

ArduSimple has announced the availability of a range of GNSS starter-kits supporting design engineers in Europe or the US interested in testing or integrating high precision centimetre accuracy for a service or product proof of concept (PoC).

Building a PoC for applications such as autonomous vehicles where high levels of positioning accuracy is required is often a complex process. Finding compatible antennas that are tuned correctly, CPUs, modems that connect to GSM, sourcing a global SiM and then finding a suitable RTK correction engine that works in multiple regions and then mounting this all on a board can prove to be a lengthy and costly process.

ArduSimple looks to address this, and has pulled together all the components and services required into a range of starter-kits that work - straight out of the box.

Working anywhere in Europe and the US with a 4G signal the simpleSSR - Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 simpleRTK2B-F9P V3 board
  • 1 u-blox ANN-MB-00 Antenna for GNSS Dual Band with cable (IP67)
  • 4G radio module with NTRIP client including RTK-SSR engine (XBee socket compatible)
  • 2x 4G antennas with integrated cable
  • 1x SIM card with 1-year subscription
  • 1-year subscription to u-blox PointPerfect SSR service

Commenting on the start kit launch, Marc Castillo, Senior Consultant at ArduSimple, said: “Bringing together the components, high precision accuracy and connectivity in Europe and the US in one simple out-of-the-box solution will significantly speed up the process of PoC projects. We’ve reduced the complexity enabling engineers to focus on the feasibility of their project.”

ArduSimple develops user-friendly products and tools for the evaluation of centimetre GPS technology,  including Multiband GPS/GNSS and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) functionality.