GF to manufacture monolithic microdisplay for real-time AR

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CP Display, a specialist supplier of microdisplay solutions for AR/MR, has announced a strategic partnership with Globalfoundries which will see the specialist foundry manufacture IntelliPix, its microdisplay technology platform.

IntelliPix enables smaller and lighter AR glasses that last longer on a single charge and provides a real-time video pipeline, coupled with a fully integrated digital backplane and driver for pixels as small as 2.5µm, for the first time in a single-chip solution.

CP and GF are to work together to deliver a series of custom solutions on GF’s 22FDX platform to enable IntelliPix’s flexible architecture that will provide a software-defined and scalable feature set.

IntelliPix is able to support up to 100 times faster modulation while consuming 4 to 12 times less system power across the video pipeline, compared to CP’s previous platforms, while at the same time unlocking the real potential for amplitude liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS), emerging microLED and future phase-based holographic systems.

By intelligently focusing only on changing pixels, IntelliPix is directed to pixels that are active, while conserving power in inactive pixel regions, resulting in high image quality and brightness, while significantly lowering the overall display subsystem power (OnDemand Pixel).

By leveraging GF’s 22FDX platform, CP will be able to deliver IntelliPix’s smart pixel digital backplane integrated with its proprietary real-time video pipeline at high frame rates and low latency all in one single chip without having to compromise on display area, cost or power consumption to meet the requirements for widespread consumer AR.

Commenting Mike Hogan, senior vice president and general manager of Automotive, Industrial and Multi-market at GF, said, “The breakthrough design of IntelliPix, which only activates the pixels that need refreshing, is a natural match with our 22FDX platform, which is unrivaled in the industry as an ultralow-power solution with excellent memory density and integration capabilities to support a range of future-forward applications.”

For emerging microLED pixel technology, IntelliPix-iDrive can be configured with a constant current pixel drive optimised to deliver pixel to pixel uniformity supported with a software-defined drive scheme and a MIPI interface. IntelliPix also provides an IntelliPix-vDrive configuration as a voltage/charge driven pixel optimised for driving LC based pixels for both amplitude and phase/holographic light modulation.

The OneChip physical design of IntelliPix eliminates traditional distinctions between display pixel drive (backplane) and display driver IC (DDIC) functions to reduce the overall physical volume and power consumption. The partnership between CP and GF enables a customised Intellipix architecture based on a vDrive or iDrive modulated backplane/display configured to customer specifications.

The IntelliPix microdisplay technology platform is customisable for resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 and beyond.

Both companies have said that the first commercial products featuring CP’s IntelliPix will be on the market in 2023.