Gallium nitride 'easy-to-use' designs tools unveiled

2 mins read

EPC has launched the GaN Power Bench, a suite of design tools to help engineers in getting the optimal performance from their GaN-based designs.

eGaN FETs and ICs are able to provide the fast switching, high efficiency and small size that are needed to meet the stringent power density requirements of many of today’s leading-edge applications.

The tools in the GaN Power Bench assist designers in the selection of the best GaN device for the application, simulate and optimise the thermal performance of the design, and provide application examples with all the supporting documentation needed to quickly and easily replicate the optimal design tips necessary for ideal performance.

Tools in the GaN Power Bench include:

GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters

The GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters Calculator is a product selection tool that uses estimation and calculation for a hard-switched buck converter. Designers can input specific design parameters to receive a selection of devices ranked by power dissipation to determine possible parameter trade-offs and find the best GaN FETs to fit specific power system design needs.

Additional topologies will be added in the future.

GaN FET Thermal Calculator

This tool provides quick estimates for the thermal performance parameters of PCB-mounted GaN devices subject to both board-side cooling through forced convection and backside cooling through a thermal solution consisting of a heat spreader and heatsink. This thermal calculator accounts for the PCB construction (size, stack-up and via density), die sizes, power losses, TIM materials and heatsink solution.

Cross Reference Search

The Cross Reference Search provides instant access to cross referenced and replacements for many silicon-based power management devices with eGaN FETs. This tool allows for comparisons of parametric differences without opening a single datasheet to identify the optimal eGaN FET to increase design efficiency. Simply enter a competitor's part number to find a suggested GaN device replacement.

Device Models

EPC has developed a comprehensive list of Third-order device models so engineers can quickly design and implement circuits with minimum wasted time. Model availability for each device includes PSpice, LTSpice, TSpice, Spectre, Altium, 3DStep, and thermal models.

Reference Designs

EPC has an ever-expanding offering of reference designs for applications including DC-DC conversion, motor drive, lidar, and class-D audio. Every reference design includes all the supporting documentation needed to quickly and easily replicate optimal design tips for ideal performance.

Commenting Andrea Gorgerino, EPC’s Director of Global Field Application Engineering said, “Our eGaN FETs and ICs provide designers employing any power conversion topology the opportunity to achieve significant performance enhancements compared with silicon devices. User-friendly tools like those in the GaN Power Bench make it easy for designers to extract the optimal performance out of their GaN-based designs.”