FPGA based prototyping solution provides 4x faster performance for Renesas Electronics

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Software and IP specialist, Synopsys has announced that Renesas Electronics has adopted its HAPS-64 fpga based prototyping systems for its prototyping environment for SoCs and microcontrollers.

By deploying the systems, Renesas says it achieved more than a 4x speed up in performance over its previous fpga prototyping solution. The HAPS Universal Multi Resource Bus (UMRBus) interface was used to connect Renesas' virtual and hardware prototypes. This, says the semiconductor supplier, creates an 'advanced prototyping environment' for faster system and software development, debug and validation. The HAPS system is designed to be modular and can scale to support small and large system designs. The UMRBus provided a communication channel between the host machine's virtual environment and the HAPS hardware prototyping system, with overall results achieving a higher quality than its previous fpga prototyping devices. "Renesas Electronics' outstanding results are an example of the gains in design productivity consistently realised by our customers," said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and Systems at Synopsys. "Because we optimise our HAPS systems for fastest ramp up to optimal performance through faster silicon, high quality pcb technology, high speed connectors and high speed time division multiplexing communication, customers like Renesas Electronics can rely on us for near real world speeds – critical when creating a hybrid prototyping environment."