First mioty LPWAN and Bluetooth LE dual stack

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BehrTech, a specialist company that's working on next-gen wireless IoT connectivity, has announced the release of the first mioty and Bluetooth Low Energy dual stack.

The mioty Bluetooth LE Dual Stack brings together mioty, a new low-power wide area network technology, with the latest version of Bluetooth (BLE 5.2) on a single multiprotocol chip, the CC1352R wireless microcontroller from Texas Instruments.

Combining these technologies it's possible to provide ultra-low power, short-range and long-range wireless capabilities expanding the possibilities for IoT in commercial and industrial environments.

This dual stack improves the scalability and robustness of existing IoT applications and enables a range of new IoT use cases from asset tracking and indoor navigation to consumables monitoring and environmental monitoring.

Mioty extends the power efficiency and high data rate capabilities of Bluetooth LE devices by serving as a reliable and robust backhaul for long range communication in both complex indoor environments and widespread remote locations.

“The mioty Bluetooth LE Dual Stack mitigates the physical restrictions that previously existed for IoT implementations and makes it possible for these low-power, short-range device networks to go nearly anywhere without the need for a costly and complex infrastructure,” said Wolfgang Thieme, CTO at BehrTech. “This combination of technologies will make it more feasible for massive-scale sensor networks to exist and opens up a new world of exciting industrial and commercial applications.”

The advanced chipset architecture from TI, together with the mioty Bluetooth LE Dual Stack, enables the use of the license free 2.4GHz spectrum and sub-GHz spectrum concurrently and will enhance interoperability between ecosystems from wireless technology vendors to sensor manufacturers and system developers.

This single chip solution has been designed for maximum integration, smaller devices and reduced costs, allowing users to take advantage of the license free spectrum across frequencies and protocols for full flexibility of IoT deployments.

Mioty and Bluetooth LE, together, will allow the deployment of IoT networks in a significantly broader geographic area which is becoming increasingly important as more IoT sensor networks are deployed in far flung, industrial locations like remote mining, oil and gas and manufacturing facilities.

Mioty’s long-range, deep indoor penetration and high interference immunity overcome the challenges of physical barriers and obstructions, as well as co-channel interference that is often present in indoor environments, and so can ensure reliable data communications in any large industrial campus or smart building.