Farnell introduces Abracon’s EDLC radial supercapacitors

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Farnell has announced that it is now stocking the range of high-power electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) radial supercapacitors from Abracon

Abracon is a supplier of leading-edge, innovative electronic components including frequency control, timing, power, magnetics, RF and antenna solutions.

Commenting Farnell Product Segment Leader for Abracon, Euan Gilligan, said, “This is a remarkable line of EDLC radial supercapacitors, which are specifically engineered to meet the accelerating demand for fast-charging, high-capacity energy storage solutions. They are key components for a wide range of industries, including automotive, renewable energy, industrial automation, consumer electronics and many more.”

According to Farnell, the EDLC supercapacitors provide exceptional energy density. Available in 2.7 V and 3.0 V these supercapacitors are suitable for applications that require rapid power bursts due to their ultra-fast charge and dissipation capabilities.

Moreover, these supercapacitors are designed for longevity, with an extended lifecycle that minimises maintenance costs and enhances system durability. This ability eliminates the operational safety concerns often seen in lithium batteries.

They are also able to operate across a wide temperature range, making them suitable for deployment in challenging environmental conditions. For example, they can operate down to -40°C, which traditional batteries cannot.

Gilligan added, “These supercapacitors are ideal for uninterrupted and backup power supplies, micro energy storage, data transmission and various energy start-up designs. They are also especially useful for wireless networks, energy harvesting, cold-crack engines, micro grids and more.”

Abracon provides an online selection tool that enables developers to select the desired supercapacitor performance by allowing them to filter by type, current, tolerance and more.