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Elpida targets next generation mobile device market

Elpida Memory has developed a 1600Mb/s 4Gb DDR3 mobile ram that achieves a data transfer rate, twice as fast as DDR2 Mobile ram – the current leading dram preference for mobile devices.

The 30nm process LPDDR3 can achieve data transfer rate of 1600Mb/s at a low operating voltage of 1.2V and has a data transfer rate of 6.4GB/s or 12/8GB/s in high end mobile devices using a two chip combination. When compared to the company's LPDDR2 on a same speed basis, the new device consumes approximately 25% less power. Sample shipments of the LPDDR3 will begin in 2011 and, depending on customer demand, volume production is expected to start in late 2012.