element14 launches Maker to Market Services

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Farnell element14 has launched “Maker to Market”, a new range of capabilities that are intended to offer start-ups support, expertise and resources to take their products to market.

These Maker to Market services will be supported by Design & Manufacturing Services which are intended to enable engineers to focus on developing their product by providing support at every stage of the design and manufacturing process including: customisation for larger scale projects or manufacturing volumes.

Premier Farnell claims a strong track record when it comes to working with start-ups and helping them to bring their products to market and is actively involved in the Maker space through its sponsorship of Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices, an accelerator program offering support, mentorship and investment opportunities to global technology start-ups working in the consumer or industrial IoT sectors.

Premier Farnell also manufactures some of the most popular single-board computers – including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and the BBC micro:bit.

Commenting Peter Birks, Business President, Farnell element14 aid, “With our Maker to Market services, we are helping to meet the needs of both start-ups and professional makers who have great ideas and are passionate about the products or ideas they are developing - but who may not necessarily have the in-house skills or resources to be able to design, manufacture, distribute and promote their products.”

“We can help designers turn a brilliant idea into a finished product that can be promoted and distributed worldwide – and we can help makers get their product ideas to market faster and at a lower overall cost.”

An additional resource for start-ups is Hardware Studio Connection, a venture between Avnet (parent company of the Premier Farnell group of businesses) and Avnet’s new Dragon Innovation division, giving designers access to hands-on support from the companies’ engineers as well as discounts on components and services.

These new programmes are designed to help guide start-ups through the product development cycle and get their ventures into the right channels as quickly as possible.