EDS 2017: Conference programme unveiled

2 mins read

The conference at the Electronics Design Show, taking place in Coventry on 18 and 19 October, promises to be the most successful yet.

As usual, the conference will address a number of key technology areas through keynote style presentations, but two sessions in particular should prove attractive.

A panel session taking place at 1215 on Wednesday 18 October will take a look at the issues involved in design security. Led by moderator Haydn Povey, founder and CTO of SecureThingz, the discussion will address growing concerns about a number of security related issues, including:

  • What is ‘security’?
  • How secure does my product need to be?
  • Who am I protecting my product against?
  • What’s the impact on my company/brand?
  • Does there need to be government regulation?
  • Where do I start?
  • Can I buy the things I need to make my product secure or is it DIY?
  • Who pays for security?
  • How can connected products be updated reliably?

Also taking part in the discussion will be John Moor, managing director of the IoT Security Foundation, and Niall Cooling, CEO of embedded software specialist Feabhas.

Meanwhile, day two will see three presentations on automotive related technology. Kicking off the automotive session at 1015 will Andrew Till, vice president of technology, partnerships and new solutions with Harman. He’ll be looking at what’s going on in the car, including HMI developments, AI, 3D printing and greater technology integration.

John Moran from NXP presents the next session, outlining what’s happening in the V2X sector, after which Eric Chan, one of Ricardo’s global technology experts, will update attendees on the latest developments in autonomous vehicle technology.

Following these sessions, Dr Emma Kendrick from the Warwich Manufacturing Group will provide an update on developments in battery technology, with a focus on automotive applications.

There will also be two conference sessions held in association with New Electronics’ sister magazine Eureka. Opening the first day of the conference, Lenovo will be explaining how virtual reality and augmented reality will impact upon the design process. Meanwhile, the second day of the conference will open with a presentation from Tharsus outlining how robotics technology is being deployed by Ocado.

The most popular session from last year’s Electronics Design Show Conference addressed PCB Design and we’re building on this with two sessions this year.

David Wiens, product marketing manager with Mentor Graphics, will outline best practices for PCB systems design success. Using data from the latest Technology Leadership Awards, he’ll discuss what people are designing, how they are designing, the challenges being faced and the best practices being developed.

And NanoDimension will outline how 3D printing technology is expanding to encompass the creation of PCBs with integrated components.

For more on the Electronics Design Show Conference and to register to attend the event, go to www.electronicsdesignshow.co.uk