Dyson invests £200m in vehicle-testing capacity

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Dyson has unveiled expansion plans to accommodate more than 2,000 workers at his Wiltshire research facility, more than doubling capacity for electric-vehicle testing.

The company is spending £200m to expand the testing facility on a former second world war airfield at Hullavington, near Malmesbury in the west of England.

Last year Dyson announced plans to create an electric vehicle and is developing a car that is due to be ready for road testing in 2020.

The expansion plans for the research and development site, which already houses 400 workers, include planning applications for more than 10 miles of vehicle-testing tracks with high speed sections, hills and off-road routes to put its new electric cars through their paces.

Dyson has yet to make a decision on whether it will mass-produce its electric vehicles in Britain once testing is complete. Although it designs and develops products in the UK, it has tended to manufacture them in cheaper locations such as Singapore and elsewhere in the far east.