DSP Concepts adds AirModem to the Audio Weaver feature set

1 min read

DSP Concepts, whose Audio Weaver framework is used to power sound and voice across many leading consumer and automotive brands, has added delResearch’s AirModem to the Audio Weaver feature set.

AirModem offers an alternative to Bluetooth and allows for two-way data transfer between phones, computers, and other IoT devices without the need for specialised hardware: all that's needed are speakers and microphones.

AirModem comes in a plug-and-play solution that can be added to any smart product design instantly with Audio Weaver.

“The AirModem solution shows the unique flexibility of the Audio Weaver framework ,” said Chin Beckmann, CEO of DSP Concepts. “Now, any product maker can add a secure, low cost alternative to Bluetooth or Wi-fi with just a drag-and-drop using the Audio Weaver graphical interface."

AirModem has been tested and proven to work in a variety of environments including noisy public spaces, making it a viable option for securely transmitting data even with external sound interference.

Among possible use cases for AirModem are:

  • Sharing WiFi passwords and securely bringing devices online
  • Payment processing for brick-and-mortar retail transactions
  • Broadcasting content to multiple devices from a single source based on proximity
  • Extracting data from devices for diagnostics and inventory management

AirModem is compatible with any device that has a built-in microphone and speaker and requires no additional hardware components. As a result, product makers are able to build AirModem into a wide range of smart devices and can retrofit existing products to activate its functionality.

“We are excited to introduce AirModem on the Audio Weaver framework to product makers across the globe said John DellaMorte, President of delResearch. “Many of the world’s most innovative brands use Audio Weaver to develop product-differentiating audio features, so we’re confident that partnering with DSP Concepts will lead to the adoption of AirModem across a wide range of product categories.”