Dialog Semiconductor unveils combo Wi-Fi and BLE module

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Dialog Semiconductor has announced the DA16600, a module that combines Dialog’s Wi-Fi and BLE capabilities into a single solution.

Described as a two-in-one module, it comprises of two SoCs, the newly announced DA16200 and the SmartBond TINY DA14531, to provide low-power Wi-Fi and BLE for customers and further broaden Dialog’s IoT connectivity portfolio.

The DA16200 SoC was purpose built for battery-powered IoT applications, including connected door locks, thermostats, security cameras and other devices that require an “always on” Wi-Fi connection, but may be only used sporadically. Its VirtualZero technology enables a very low level of power consumption for Wi-Fi connectivity, so that even continuously connected devices can achieve up to five years of battery life in many use cases.

To give designers maximum flexibility at the lowest cost, the DA16600 module also leverages the capabilities of the SmartBond TINY DA14531, said to be the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth SoC.

This combo module offers a reliable firmware solution with the combination of the two complex protocol stacks, eliminating issues often caused by the co-existence of two radios at 2.4 GHz in the same design. BLE provides ease of configurability for Wi-Fi in the application, greatly simplifying the task of Wi-Fi set up for the end user. Given its design, all that is required to incorporate the module into an embedded IoT product is a simple set of guidelines provided by Dialog. Finally, the customer has the additional advantage of no longer having to source two independent SoCs for their application.

“We recognised that many of our customers could benefit from a more integrated two-in-one solution that could further reduce development time and costs for their IoT devices,” explained Sean McGrath, Senior Vice President, Connectivity and Audio Business Group, Dialog Semiconductor. “By combining our successful BLE solution with our brand new Wi-Fi VirtualZero technology into one easy-to-use and configured module, we are delivering the most value to our customers, giving them the best of both worlds with a single solution.”

The module is fully certified for worldwide operation, including certifications for FCC, IC, CE, Telec, Korea and SRRC. It is also Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for interoperability.