Demonstration of 5G integrated reference design leveraging NXP semiconductors

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Sivers Semiconductors’ business unit, Sivers Wireless, is to demonstrate a fully-functioning and deployment-ready O-RAN compliant base station reference design at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Based on the NXP’s Layerscape Access LA12xx baseband processor, Sivers’ 5G mmWave transceiver module, the TRB02801, and PureSoftware’s software stack the O-RAN compliant design will have the highest level of RF integration currently seen on the market.

By combining NXP’s programmable baseband processor, the LA12xx, the Sivers 5G mmWave transceiver module and PureSoftware’s software stack, this solution will enable customers to differentiate their solutions in what is a highly competitive market by combining performance and power efficiency with the simplest possible bill of materials.

Both Sivers and Puresoftware have a long history of working together with NXP to develop 5G millimeter wave solutions, while the O-RAN ecosystem enables open standardised interfaces to allow more vendors to serve the 5G infrastructure market, helping to expand the customer set and addressable market.

“This solution will give several key benefits to our customers. With the highest level of integration, the design effort for our customers will be at a minimum, which will result in a shorter time to market, higher quality, and less risk, all of which are critical success factors for our customers. On top of that, this solution gives market-leading performance and energy efficiency, which is key to addressing the energy consumption in the networks”, said Anders Storm Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

“We are delighted to partner with Sivers Semiconductors to deliver one of the key elements of a 5G solution based on PureSoftware’s leading Artha 5G software stack for O-RAN based solutions. This production-ready stack will accelerate time to market needs of end customers while ensuring best performance”, added Noy Kucuk, Senior Vice President, HiTech & Telecom Services, PureSoftware.