Cypress ships 1 billionth PSoC

Cypress Semiconductor has shipped the billionth unit of its programmable system on chip (PSoC) device. The mixed signal solutions specialist described the achievement as a significant milestone in its history.

"PSoC represents one of the greatest successes in Cypress history, driving a seminal change in all parts of the company," commented TJ Rodgers, Cypress president and ceo. "It is a prime example of how our start up strategy works - a great idea is incubated by a small, highly motivated start up team with the support of our well established infrastructure." Rodgers noted that the embedded design paradigm provides flexibility and integration unlike any other alternative. "PSoC is the world's only programmable analogue and digital embedded design platform," he said. "It combines analogue and digital peripheral controllers with memory on a single piece of silicon, maximising designers' flexibility." Cypress is now ramping production of its PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 families, with developments under way to multiply its production line by a factor of ten.