Crypto Quantique IoT security solutions now support cellular connectivity

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Crypto Quantique, a provider of quantum-based security for the Internet of Things (IoT), has expanded its portfolio to include cellular connectivity by utilising an IoT SAFE trusted SIM.

The QuarkLink IoT device security platform now securely supports IoT devices using Cellular networks, meaning that customers can now take advantage of the zero-trust secure provisioning, onboarding and device life-cycle management capability of QuarkLink with more comprehensive coverage.

Crypto Quantique has joined forces with ZARIOT as the first partner to its Cellular IoT capability. ZARIOT is a cellular IoT connectivity provider that allows customers to use telecom network tools to build and secure new products.

ZARIOT has developed implementations of cryptographic properties that are derived from IoT SAFE that allows its customers, using QuarkLink, to not only achieve end to end security for their cellular IoT without relying on VPNs, but are also able to efficiently manage their devices during their entire lifecycle.

The cellular solution is presented as a ZARIOT provisioned trusted SIM and an embedded code baseline that customers can download from Crypto Quantique’s Github and modify to include their own IoT application.

The example baseline includes the QuarkLink client library that utilises the IoT Security Applet, in the IoT SAFE SIM as a root of trust to secure connections between the enterprise’s security centre, the QuarkLink and cloud service provider, eliminating the complexity of managing cryptographic keys and digital certificates at the device level.

The cellular solution is available in two forms, each utilising high security hardware functions to secure the cryptographic keys, which is required in a zero-trust architecture to attest device unique identity.

In both solutions, the cryptographic keys used for identity proofing are generated within a hardware module on-chip/secure element or on-SIM (IoT SAFE), ensuring that this private key is never exposed outside of the enterprise environment.

Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, co-founder  and CEO of Crypto Quantique said, “The expansion of Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink IoT device security platform to now include robust support for cellular connectivity, means we now can secure devices used in smart cities, smart agriculture and the oil and gas industry, among other use cases that rely on cellular connectivity.

“With QuarkLink's new cellular capabilities, customers can utilise the IoT SAFE capabilities of their SIMs or they can utilise secure microcontrollers as the root of trust to seamlessly integrate and secure their IoT devices, benefitting from security by design and protecting their end-points. The expanded coverage and flexibility provided by cellular networks enhance the overall efficiency of managing devices throughout their lifecycle."

“At ZARIOT we believe cellular IoT connectivity must provide flexibility and add tangible value. To realise this, we work with our ecosystem of partners, to integrate the most innovative solutions into our SIM,” said Dawood Ghalaieny CEO at ZARIOT. He continued, “ZARIOT see the huge potential for Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink offering to secure, simplify and streamline IoT deployment across all verticals and are proud to join forces.”