congatec expands its portfolio of COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules

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congatec has announced the availability of new COM-HPC Client Computer-on-Modules based on high-end processor variants of the 13th Gen Intel Core processors.

The launch expands the available portfolio of high-performance COM-HPC modules with soldered processors to include the even more powerful socketed variants of this processor generation.

The conga-HPC/cRLS Computer-on-Modules in COM-HPC Size C form factor (120x160mm) address application areas that require multi-core and multi-thread performance, large caches, and enormous memory capacities combined with high bandwidth and advanced I/O technology.

According to congatec, target markets will include performance-hungry industrial, medical, and edge applications that look to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as all types of embedded and edge computing solutions with workload consolidation requirements for which congatec can also support real-time hypervisor technologies from Real-Time Systems.

"With currently up to 8 Performance cores in parallel to 16 Efficient cores, the socketed variants of the 13th Gen Intel Core processors empower our COM HPC modules to offer even more options for making edge computing more performant and efficient through workload consolidation," explained Jürgen Jungbauer, Senior Product Line Manager at congatec. IoT-connected systems have many tasks to process in parallel, and if OEMs do not want to realise this connectivity through adaptive systems, OEMs need to embed virtual machines into their solutions. The more cores a Computer-on-Module provides, the easier this becomes.”

Among the improvements of the socketed 13th Gen Intel Core processors are the up to 34% multi-thread and up to 4% single-thread performance gains, as well as a 25% faster image classification inference performance, compared to 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

The added DDR5-5600 support as well as an increased L2 & L3 cache on select variants contribute to an even better level of multi-threaded performance. The computing core improvements of this performance hybrid architecture, which currently provides up to 8 Performance cores and 16 Efficient cores, are complemented by enhanced USB3.2 Gen 2x2 bandwidth of up to 20 Gigabit per second on the new congatec COM-HPC Size C Computer-on-Modules.

Application engineers will be able to deploy the new COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules on congatec’s Micro-ATX Application Carrier Board (conga-HPC/mATX) for COM-HPC Client type modules to capitalise on all the benefits and improvements of these new modules in combination with ultrafast PCIe connectivity.