CMOSIS begins mass production of high resolution cmos image sensor

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CMOSIS has begun mass production of its 12megapixel CMV12000 cmos image sensor, targeted at high resolution industrial and broadcasting vision applications.

The device is capable of 150f/s in both monochrome and colour and features 4K hd format, high dynamic range and a global shutter mode. CMOSIS claims the image sensor's peak quantum efficiency exceeds 60%, which results in a responsivity of 4.64V/lux.s as well as a dynamic range of 60dB. Through correlated double sampling in global shutter mode, the eight transistor pixel cell architecture can reduce dark noise and FPN non uniformity of the sensor matrix. 150fps is achieved by using 64 LVDS outputs running at 300Mbit/s each. Multiplexing to fewer output channels can support lower frame rates, while partial read out, windowing and subsamples modes can be programmed for higher frame rates. The company says that the full resolution power dissipation of 3W can be dynamically controlled when lower frame rates are used. The device is housed in a ceramic 143pin PGA package and can be operated in the -30 to 70ºC temperature range.