Image sensor features innovative pixel design

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CMOSIS has demonstrated a 1Mpixel version of a newly developed image sensor that features very low dark noise and which uses dual gain readout to increase the dynamic range to more than 89.5dB. The approach is said to offer 'substantial advantages' for a range of image processing tasks.

The sensor is based on a special pixel type in which dynamic range is increased by using two approaches. Along with low dark noise, integration of the image charge takes place simultaneously at low and high amplification settings. This dual gain readout results in two different images which are read out sequentially and combined externally into one final image. CMOSIS says image capture array based on this pixel type offers an electronic rolling shutter, whose lines can be selected and read out via the columns. Each sensor has twice the number of column amplifiers than columns and the gain of each amplifier is programmable up to 16. Based on this 1Mpixel sample unit, CMOSIS will design and implement a number of sensor products for specific applications. These may integrate runtime control and on chip a/d conversion, as well as higher frame rates and/or special pixel sizes.