ByteSnap to launch new EV charging division

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ByteSnap Design, the embedded electronics design consultancy, has announced that it is launching a new electric vehicle (EV) charging division, Versinetic, in response to growing demand for its expertise in electric vehicle charging projects.

Versinetic is made up of team members with a long-standing history in the EV space. They were behind the electronics for charge posts used at the London Olympics and the communications controller for the innovative V2G project, VIGIL.

The new division will provide a range of hardware, software and consultancy services all under one roof for manufacturers of EV charge points. Clients will benefit from customised designs where time to market is accelerated and integration challenges are minimised for EV charger solutions.

With the announcement that the UK government is to bring forward a ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles by 10 years to 2030 alongside significant subsidies for EVs together with other green initiatives, the EV charge point market is set to grow exponentially. Just one example is the UK Department for Transport’s (DfT) recent commitment to have at least six high powered, open access charge points at motorway service areas in England, with some larger sites having as many as 10-12, all in the next three years. However, there are a number of challenges within the sector.

Dunstan Power, Director of ByteSnap Design and the driving force behind Versinetic said: “Off the shelf EV charging solutions are currently saturating the market, but fall short. We’ve had a sharp increase in incoming enquiries, and most are from companies where basic chargers do not meet specific requirements, perhaps due to software, communications, timing issues, UI compatibility, configuration of load sharing, or many other reasons. Therefore, we have created versatile hardware and software products, backed by a flexible consultancy model to bring more charging solutions to market.”

Targeting the UK and EU market primarily, Versinetic’s EV charge point design solution is based around versatile ‘Charging Blox’, conceptualised product and service modules that can be configured to precisely match customers’ requirements. These are broadly aligned to three clearly defined offers:

  • Design concept – includes consultancy, feasibility studies and evaluation kit
  • Solution design – Versinetic products and software
  • Supply options – licensed or on a non-recurring engineering basis

These combine to create a complete EV charge point solution. Initial customers include an innovative continental European company working in the EV smart charge point solution area. Versinetic is also in advanced talks with several other businesses.

Versinetic is looking to attract EV charger manufacturers and others with an interest in the sector, such as automakers thinking of bundling chargers with EVs.

The new division name, Versinetic, stands for Versatile Intelligent Kinetic Energy. Versinetic will be headed up by embedded product design veteran Dunstan Power and expects to recruit both software and hardware engineers and train them for the EV market.