Bluetooth mesh solution to help cut time to market

1 min read

A suite of software and hardware that supports the new Bluetooth mesh specification has been announced by Silicon Labs.

Aimed to help developers simplify the design of mesh-networked devices for the IoT and to get to market faster, the new Bluetooth mesh solution includes development tools, a software stack, and mobile apps supporting the company’s wireless SoC devices and certified modules.

“We expect to see a wave of new devices hit the market quickly by leveraging ubiquitous Bluetooth connectivity to create hub-less mesh networks that extend the range and reliability of Bluetooth systems,” said Daniel Cooley, senior vice president and general manager of IoT products.

“No matter which mesh technology developers choose to power their next IoT designs, we offer a complete portfolio of software and solutions that gives device makers everything they need to accelerate time to market while designing secure, robust mesh networks.”

According to the company, the combination of its patented network analysis tools and Bluetooth mesh stack for smartphones enables IoT developers to cut time to market by up to six months.

It also claims that using its mobile application for smartphones allows designers to verify the operation of Bluetooth mesh-based implementations with a commercially supported Bluetooth mesh library and source code to streamline design.

Designers are said to be able to optimise mesh networking device designs with Simplicity Studio software tools, including patented network analysis and packet trace technology, energy profiling and visual application configuration.

Software compatibility across Silicon Labs’ portfolio of wireless SoCs and modules enables broad software reuse and reduced development time and cost.