Bluetooth mesh SDK unveiled

Nordic Semiconductor has introduced a software development kit (SDK) which allows engineers to develop Bluetooth mesh based applications.
The SDK, which includes the company’s first release of its Bluetooth mesh software stack, is compatible with Nordic’s nRF51 and nRF52 series SoCs and the S110, S130, and S132 SoftDevices.

Nordic says its Bluetooth mesh stack incorporates features not included in the Bluetooth SIG’s Bluetooth mesh 1.0 specification. It notes the SDK includes secure side-by-side and blocking device firmware updates, which allows scalable, secure updates across the mesh without interruption of service while the new firmware is transferred. The mesh stack also enables provisioning over relaying nodes and a serialisation interface.

“Bluetooth mesh is a significant development for Bluetooth wireless connectivity adding new networks capabilities far beyond the point-to-point and star topologies for which it was originally designed,” said Alf Helge Omre, business development manager at Nordic Semiconductor. “Mesh capability allows Bluetooth to take a giant leap from consumer into industrial applications such as lighting and other implementations that employ tens or even hundreds of nodes over wide areas.”