Battery Management Solution evaluation board targets IoT devices

1 min read

ROHM is making available a new evaluation board: the REFLVBMS001-EVK-001, that is intended to facilitate the verification of the operation of ultra-efficient battery management solutions for the expanding IoT field.

In recent years there has been a proliferation of battery-driven electronic devices, including wearables, industrial IoT such as smart cards and electronic shelf labels, and portables. These devices not only need to be made smaller and thinner to improve design and functionality, but also have to support larger battery capacities and lower power consumption to improve usability and convenience.

ROHM has responded with the development of a variety of low consumption analogue ICs, including both power supply ICs that incorporate original Nano Energy ultra-low current technology as well as charge control ICs compatible with a wide range of rechargeable batteries.

The evaluation board, the REFLVBMS001-EVK-001, provides an ultra-high efficiency battery management solution for thin compact IoT devices by combining these technologies.

The REFLVBMS001-EVK-001 is equipped with a power supply IC (buck DC/DC converter IC) and reset IC (voltage detector IC) utilizing original Nano Energy ultra-low current consumption technology. In addition, it consists of a battery charger IC that supports low voltage rechargeable batteries, along with the NGK INSULATORS’s thin, large capacity EnerCera li-ion rechargeable battery.

The ultra-low current consumption of the power supply IC (quiescent current 180nA) minimises loss. The battery charger IC is suitable for a wide range of charge voltages; it is capable of charging, monitoring, and discharging batteries making it suitable for compact IoT devices.

The result is a low profile, ultra-efficient battery management solution that achieves a thickness of just 0.60mm for mounted components (including the thin rechargeable battery).