Avishtech to join Altium’s Nexar Partner Ecosystem

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Avishtech, a provider of EDA stack-up and 2D field solver solutions, has joined Altium’s Nexar partner ecosystem.

The company joins a growing list of Nexar partner organizations, including Arduino, Arrow, Diotech, Keysight Technologies, Microchip, Samtec, and Ultra Librarian.

Nexar partners are working to transform the electronics design, development, and manufacturing process moving from isolated toolchains and disconnected processes into a more streamlined, next-generation workflow that is connected by a comprehensive data model for printed circuit boards. Nexar software partners connect mechanical CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and other applications that are relevant in the design and realisation of electronics to the Altium 365 cloud platform.

Avishtech plays an important role in the Nexar ecosystem. Avishtech’s Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D PCB toolsets provide the capability to simulate signal integrity, manufacturability, and reliability behaviour.

The Gauss Stack enables thermomechanical simulations that can predict reliability, warpage, and manufacturability issues like resin starvation and glass stop. Gauss 2D provides first-of-its-kind accurate loss modeling that accounts for ground plane losses and broad extraction of dielectric properties and conductor roughness parameters.

Their capabilities are said to be unique in the electronics design industry, providing a bridge between simulation and the real world, empowering greater accuracy and the Computational Prototyping of PCBs.

Earlier this year, Avishtech launched its Gauss Synthesis Online Simulation and Design Service. In addition to providing value-add services such as Dimensional Stability simulations and design-to-requirement services, this service enables those customers that don’t require a full-on subscription to Avishtech’s Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D PCB toolsets to take advantage of the capabilities provided within them on an as-needed, on-demand basis without having to run these simulations themselves. This serves to effectively democratise and simplify the PCB development process and enables Avishtech to support all types and sizes of customers, be they designers, OEMs, or PCB shops.

Commenting Keshav Amla, Avishtech’s Founder and CEO, said, “Design processes should be more straightforward. Avishtech looked for what was missing in the ecosystem and built software that models reality better than anything else on the market. Nexar does the same thing for data exchanges; it’s something that should have existed but didn’t. Both Altium and Avishtech are working towards the same goal."