AsiaRF launches Wi-Fi certified HaLow IoT gateway

1 min read

AsiaRF, a wireless connectivity solutions company, has introduced the first globally available Wi-Fi certified HaLow IoT gateway, powered by Morse Micro's MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC.

The gateway supports the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi HaLow standard and provides reliable, low-power, and long-range connectivity for IoT networks. It is seen as playing an essential role in global IoT ecosystems, supporting more robust, long-reach, power-efficient connections for IoT devices worldwide.

HaLow, as defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance IEEE 802.11ah specification, operates in the wireless spectrum below 1 GHz. This sub-GHz connectivity gives the AsiaRF IoT gateway several advantages, such as expanded range and optimised power efficiency, improving on the limitations of conventional IoT connectivity.

Commenting Paul Lai, CEO of AsiaRF, said, "Our gateway product will significantly improve IoT connectivity worldwide, and we're excited to help drive this transformation with partners like Morse Micro."

By combining the low-power, long-range benefits of Wi-Fi HaLow with the RF performance of the Morse Micro MM6108 SoC, the AsiaRF IoT gateway is seen as helping businesses and consumers to benefit from the full potential of the IoT with seamless connectivity, power efficiency, and extended range as standard.