Applications interface boards remove need for PCB re-layouts when using ICeGaN ICs

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Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), the fabless, clean-tech semiconductor company, has introduced a range of Application Interface Boards that will allow designers to try out the company’s ICeGaN HEMTs in existing circuits.

According to CGD, which develops a range of energy-efficient GaN-based power devices, it will now be possible to use IceGaN ICs in place of competing MOSFET or GaN devices without having to re-layout the PCB.

Application Interface Boards are adaptor PCBs that are soldered to an ICeGaN device, which map each pin/signal from the ICeGaN HEMT footprint to the corresponding pins/signals of an alternative component footprint.

“These Application Interface Boards are designed for design and evaluation purposes only, of course. This is a quick, first step to enable the user to put one of our ICeGaN ICs into an existing design. There is some minor impact on thermal performance, but surprisingly little difference in EMC or electrical performance,” said, Peter Comiskey, the company’s Director of Application Engineering.

CGD offers Application Interface Boards for several industry standard devices from MOSFET & GaN device manufacturers, however, the company said that it is also able to develop an Application Interface Board for devices not currently supported for delivery within four weeks.