andersDX is bringing a new range of ARM based single-board-computers (SBC) and human machine interfaces (HMI) to the UK market following the signing of a distribution agreement with the German manufacturer Garz & Fricke.

Under the agreement, andersDX will offer SBCs with semi customised TFT displays. Garz & Fricke boards and drivers are specified with standard TFT modules and andersDX will be able to offer customised features such as toughened glass, extended cover lenses and others.

andersDX can also offer Garz and Fricke standard products, including full turnkey HMI’s as well as custom HMI’s.

Commenting Viru Patel, Embedded Solutions Group Manager at andersDX, said, “Garz & Fricke has a strong heritage in developing high quality SBC’s and HMI’s based on the ARM architecture. This partnership means that Anders will support customers by holding stock and offering technical support.”

Under the agreement, andersDX will sell and support Garz & Fricke embedded computing platforms in Computer-on-Module and SBC form. andersDX will also offer Garz & Fricke open frame or cased HMI solutions, where the selected SBC is pre-integrated with a compatible 4.3” – 10.4” P-CAP touch display.

The agreement expands the range of processor architectures that andersDX can offer its customers.

Garz & Fricke platforms are based on ARM9, ARM11 and ARM Cortex-A8 architectures. Each of its products is supplied with a comprehensive BSP to simplify integration. The company can also supply pre-integrated communications modules for its SBC and HMI platforms, based on pre-approved Bluetooth, WLAN or GSM modules.

Photo caption: Viru Patel, Embedded Solutions Group Manager at andersDX (2nd from left) with the team from Garz & Fricke after signing their new agreement