Analog Devices unveils precision signal chain platform

1 min read

Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced a precision narrow bandwidth signal chain platform that has been designed to optimise system performance for signal bandwidths of DC to approximately 10kHz in industrial and instrumentation applications.

The platform offers a number of complete signal chains with customisable solution options as well as a curated suite of development tools. These range from simulation environments, such as LTspice, to design tools that delve into filter performance or power management to signal-chain-based evaluation systems.

The precision narrow bandwidth signal chains included with the platform feature precision and power management component selections that prioritise low frequency design requirements, delivering improved accuracy, stability, and resolution. These repeatable, high-quality measurement and drive solutions are intended to help designers tackle more demanding precision instrumentation challenges in areas such as source measurement units (SMU), digital multi-metres (DMM), and data acquisition systems.

Examples of precision narrow bandwidth signal chain options provided with the platform include those that prioritise low latency and stability for measurement and control or selections that optimise noise and stability for voltage drive.

The stability and low latency signal chains lead to more reliable, faster end measurements ensuring closed loop system setups can be reconfigured with minimal settling time and better test time efficiency. Tweaking for noise and stability creates voltage drive circuitry supporting highly accurate and extremely stable programmable voltage sources.

Key Features:

  • 24-bit, no-missing-codes ADC performance maximises resolution, delivering high accuracy for the complete signal chain with optimised gain setting and minimal settling time
  • Flexibility to optimise noise performance versus power at minimum latency means reuse of optimum layout and the circuitry can be used for multiple use cases with simple software updates
  • Measurement bandwidth from DC means stable and accurate closed loop measurements across a range of low frequencies