AImotive accelerates automated driving with first ISO 26262 certified simulator

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The leading provider of automated driving technologies, AImotive, has announced that its aiSim simulator for automated driving development has achieved ISO 26262 tool certification.

The ISO 26262 standard is the fundamental standard for functional safety, governing the development of all automotive systems.

With the automotive industry facing growth challenges that have forced stakeholders to consolidate R&D budgets simulation increases the safety of automated driving solutions while also controlling costs.

AImotive is a pioneer in automated driving simulation and began developing its aiSim in 2015, in the nascent days of simulation in automated driving. Its work in this space has allowed the company to create the first ISO26262 certified tool available to the broader automotive industry.

The validation of automated driving systems is an immense undertaking and requires simulation. A purpose-built simulation suite with a toolset designed to accelerate the development of automated driving technologies not only reduces development costs but increases safety by enabling the repeatable testing of various scenarios and corner cases. With ISO 26262 certification and its robust set of tools, aiSim is a solution that serves as a single simulation suite from concept to production.

The company's aiDrive automated driving software suite is modular and hardware setup agnostic. The vision and intelligence first software is compatible with sensors of all types to ensure safety. As a result, its modules can be deployed in a wide range of automated driving systems, relying on affordable sensors and hardware platforms.

AImotive will be releasing an ADAS solution developed in cooperation with a leading hardware partner to showcase this flexibility in Q2 2020.