£800K investment expands customer services

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Plexus has invested in excess of £800K in new equipment for its Kelso, Scotland manufacturing site.

According to the company’s newly appointed managing director, Willie MacKinnon, the investment in new equipment is part of a continuous improvement programme aimed at expanding its customer services. “This investment is primarily for technology and reliability and enables us to continue providing higher reliability to our key customers - particularly those in the medical sector,” he explained. “As well as upgrading the technology of our capital equipment, there are future growth requirements for more capacity on the site to support the supply chain of space consuming high level assembly products.” The investment includes two new Electrovert Elektra wave solder machines to support ongoing RoHS initiatives and provide additional capacity for Plexus’ customers transitioning to lead free. In addition, a new Agilent Medalist x6000 Automated 3D X-ray Inspection (AXI) system is said to enhance Plexus’ overall capability and improve volume processing.