Nissan to accelerate switch to electric cars

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Car giant, Nissan, has announced that it is to invest £13.2bn into vehicle electrification over the next five years, and in a significant boost for its plant in Sunderland it is set to play a key role.

The car manufacturer is planning to launch 23 electrified models by 2030 – comprising of 15 fully electric models and 8 hybrids as it looks to compete with the likes of Toyota, VW, and Tesla.

According to Ashwani Gupta, the Nissan chief operating officer, its plant in Sunderland is set to play a central role in the company’s plans: “Europe will take the lead on electrification around the world for Nissan. In Europe, Sunderland is the one which will take the lead towards electrification.”

Nissan has set itself EV sales targets of more than 75% in Europe, 55% in Japan and 40% in China by 2026 and in the US the target will be 40% by 2030.

The news comes after Nissan had announced that it would be investing over £1bn in the UK as it turns its Sunderland plant into a hub for EV production.