GSMA planning a crisis meeting over Huawei

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According to a report from Reuters the mobile communications industry body, the GSMA, is planning to hold a discussion with its members over the possible exclusion of Huawei from key markets.

The Chinese network vendor has been at the centre of security concerns in a growing number of countries with calls to restrict its role in building next generation mobile networks.

Western governments are said to be concerned about the company’s links with the Chinese intelligence community.

The proposed meeting of the GSMA, which is likely to take place at the Mobile Would Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month, is likely to discuss growing concerns over the barring of Huawei and the impact that is likely to have on the roll out of 5G and the development of new technologies.

Many operators are relying on Huawei technology to build out there 5G networks, and any ban is likely to have a serious impact on Europe’s efforts to stay competitive in communications.

If operators are forced to remove the company’s equipment the implications for connected factories, self-driving cars and medical technology could be profound and result in new services being delayed for years.