Following the news that the US, New Zealand and Australia would be blocking Huawei from its 5G networks due to national security concerns, Germany is now looking to do the same.

According to reports, Berlin is considering stricter requirements, which could lead to Huaewi products being blocked from the country’s 5G network.

Experts say foreign governments are increasingly worried about the risk of espionage by China, given the close ties between companies and the state.

However, a statement from the firm said it sees "no rational reason why it should be excluded from building 5G infrastructure in Germany, or indeed in any country in the world,” according to a BBC report.

The UK and Canada have also raised concerns over the Chinese telecoms provider.

A UK Government evaluation of the company’s technology stated that it had identified “shortcomings in Huawei’s engineering processes” which “expose new risks in the UK telecommunication networks and long-term challenges in mitigation and management”.

The University of Oxford also made a recent announcement that it would suspend all new research grants and donations from Huawei.

While China and Canada have entered into a diplomatic row. According to a BBC report, the Chinese ambassador to Canada has warned of “repercussions” following a decision that would see Huawei banned from the country’s 5G network.

The report also highlighted further tensions between the two countries, which came after a court in China sentenced a Canadian to death for drug smuggling. The BBC report pointed out that this followed the Canadian arrest of Meng Wanzhou, a top official at Huawei and its founder's daughter, on a request from the US.”