Global Engineer Survey 2021

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A new survey has found that engineers want longer product lifetimes, greater reliability and technical support from their test and measurement vendors.

The survey, conducted by Tektronix, found that at a time when engineers are being required to keep pace with rapid advancements in technology, test and measurement engineers are looking for longer lasting products and more technical support.

The global survey of nearly 1,300 professional test and measurement engineers was intended to provide greater insight into the technologies, challenges and opportunities faced by engineers, and the results have shown what engineers want and need from test and measurement manufacturers, and the quality and attributes they demand from their instruments.

The report found that engineers want a long lifetime from their instruments, with over a third of respondents (approximately 36%) expecting their equipment to last more than ten years, while around one fifth (roughly 21%) demanded a lifetime of more than five years, backing up findings that engineers place a high value on instrument reliability.

Respondents also said that they wanted to protect their investment and get continued value from their purchase, which is in-line with organisations offering continuous service and technical support.

When asked about the services they value the most, the technical support offered by a vendor came out on top (cited by 72 %of respondents).

Other key factors that survey participants said they value from their vendors included:

  • good user manuals (69%),
  • good supply of accessories and probes (50%), and
  • applications’ notes (43%).

Post-sales support such as calibration, repair and training were also mentioned as of significant value by engineers.