Robot Lab Live Highlights – Robot teleoperation using smart seat sensors

Watch how we are able to expertly control a mobile robot to drive around an obstacle course by just shifting around in the seat of their chair.

See how we have configured the seat sensors to control and teleoperate a mobile robot and how we adapt their sensitivity to a personalised profile of the ‘driver’. You will see the data from the seat sensors, a camera view from the robot and data from its laser scanner, as well as the driver’s heart rate. We’ll explore some of the applications of these technologies in healthcare.

To find out more about the Cyber-physical Health and Assistive Robotics Technologies Research Group follow the link below.

Robot Lab Live is a virtual robotics showcase, hosted by the UK-RAS Network, and featuring some of the UK’s top robotics labs. Now in its third year, the event brings cutting-edge robotics technology to audiences around the world.