Vacubond enabling ATEX certification

It is necessary for all products exposed to a potentially hazardous environment to be ATEX certified. To be ATEX certified, you must isolate one side of the fire triangle. Oxygen, heat or fuel. Display Technology can remove the oxygen risk with their optical bonding solution, Vacubond. Vacubond enables void exclusion bonding to reduce the amount of oxygen within an industrial display.

In oil, gas extraction, mining and other industries with flammable substances there is a potential for gases, vapours, mists and combustible dust to escape.

Preventions need to be put in place to stop these flammable substances mixing with oxygen in the air to form an explosive atmosphere. If this atmosphere is ignited, explosions occur which may cause serious injury and damage.

If explosion hazards cannot be completely eliminated by avoiding the formation of explosive atmospheres, measures must be taken to prevent the ignition happening. The required safety level of these measures depends on the possible danger in the installation for each and is classified in different stages according to IEC60079 xx. For example, flameproof construction, including "free air exclusion" bonding (to < 10cm³ for highest ATEX certifications).

Display Technology’s VacuBond process allows for “free air exclusion” bonding, moreover the bonding process is fully reversible which means there is no wastage during the bonding process.

Vacubond is the innovative way to prepare for the highest ATEX certifications.

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