Samtec Releases New Micro Backplane Design Guide

The newly released Micro Backplane Design Guide highlights Samtec's high speed and high density board-to-board and panel & I/O interface solutions ideal for high speed micro backplane applications, as well as for add-on boards, 3G SDI challenges, and data and storage applications.

Board-to-board solutions for coplanar and perpendicular applications include the high speed Q Rate® ground plane system (QRM8/QRF8 Series), Samtec's high isolation IsoRate® connector system (IJ7/IP7 Series) and the Edge Rate™ two-piece rugged connector system (ERF8/ERM8 Series). High density solutions are addressed with SEARAY™ open pin field arrays (SEAM/SEAF Series), which are available with an optional independent or integrated guide post for alignment, as well as a choice of high speed and high density edge card socket systems. For 3G SDI Broadcast Video challenges, Samtec's high density True75™ 75O BNC connectors provide a high level of array density and are certified to true 75O performance. Creative board-to-board and panel & I/O solutions that maximize panel density and achieve I/O flexibility are also shown. Data and storage solutions are illustrated through a variety of high speed backplane interconnects and cable assemblies. Full engineering support for these high speed systems, including design, development, and simulation and testing, is also available via Samtec's in-house Signal Integrity Group. Contact Samtec, Inc., P.O. Box 1147, New Albany, IN 47151-1147 USA. Phone: 1-800-SAMTEC-9 (800-726-8329),