Rugged Edge Rate™ Connector Strips

Samtec's High Speed Edge Rate™ product line now includes 0,5mm pitch connector strips and a Right Angle socket. The system offers PCB space savings of up to 40% compared to the first generation 0,8mm pitch strips, and also features Samtec's Rugged Edge Rate™ contacts.

The Edge Rate™ 0,5mm pitch connector strips (ERM5/ERF5 Series), and right angle socket (ERF5-RA Series), boast performance up to 10.5 GHz (SE) and 9.5 GHz (DP), and 8.0 GHz (SE) and 9.0 GHz (DP), respectively. This performance is achieved with the assistance of its Edge Rate™ contact system, which is designed to optimize signal integrity and control impedance by minimizing broadside coupling and crosstalk. The strips are a double-row design with up to 150 I/Os, and are available in stack heights from 7mm to 12mm. The right angle Edge Rate™ socket is also double-row with up to 100 I/Os. The system features a 1mm contact wipe, which improves the mating angle tolerance allowing the system to remain robust while "zippering" during mating and unmating. Price per pin is about $ .034 depending on quantity and connector configuration. For more information please visit: Email: United Kingdom –